About Us

U.S. Naval Plumbing is a small family company dedicated to helping our naval service men and women get their Ship Together! Since our foundation in 2009, our mission has been to provide you with a quality experience by providing our expertise on the materials necessary to keep your facilities functioning.

Our staff has over 50 years of combined experience with parts aboard your vessels. With our expertise we can answer any questions you may have. From Head & Galley to Berthing & Sick Bay, if water goes in or out, we’ve got what you need.

Lisa Harrington
U.S. Naval Plumbing

  • Defense Supply Center Columbus (DSCC)
    Defense Supply Center Philadelphia (DSCP)
    Defense Logistics Agency (DLA)
    Fleet & Industrial Supply Centers Tecnico
     BAE Systems
     Atlantic Marine
     CES, Inc.
    Carrier Outfitting Material Support Center
     Colonna’s Shipyard
     Detyens Shipyard
     Earl Industries
     George Sharp
     Pacific Maritime Industries
     General Dynamics
     Hawaii Shipyards
     Jamestown Metal Marine Sales
     Maersk Line Limited
     Metro Machine
     Military Sea-lift Command Units
     Pacific Ship Repair & Fabrication
     Precise Machine
     Bath Iron Works
     Todd Pacific Shipyard
     W & D Ship Deck Works
     Davis Boat Works
     W & O Supply
     Monarch Supply
     USS Anzio CG-68
     USS Ardent MCM-12
     USS Arleigh Burke DDG-51
     USS Austin LPD-4
     USS Bataan LHD-5
     USS Belleau Wood LHA-3
     USS Benfold DDG-65
     USS Bonhomme Richard LHD-6
     USS Boxer LHD-4
     USS Bridge TAO-10
     USS Bulkeley DDG-84
     USS Bunker Hill CG-52
     USS Cape St. George CG-71
     USS Cardinal MHC-60
     USS Carl Vinson CVN-70
     USS Carney DDG-64
     USS Carr FFG-52
     USS Carter Hall LSD-50
  • USNS Catawba T-ATF-168
     USS Chaffee DDG-90
     USS Chancellorsville CG-62
     USS Chief MCM-14
     USS Chosin CG-65
     USS Chung-Hoon DDG-93
     USS Cleveland LPD-7
     USS Cole DDG-67
     USS Comstock LSD-45
     USS Cowpens CG-63
     USS Crommelin FFG-37
     USS Curtis Wilbur DDG-54
     USS Curts FFG-38
     USS Cushing DD-985
     USS Decatur DDG-73
     USS Defender MCM-2
     USS Denver LPD-9
     USS Devastor MCM-6
     USS Dewert FFG-45
     USS Donald Cook DDG-75
     USS Doyle FFG-39
     USS Dubuque LPD-8
     USS Dwight D. Eisenhower CVN-69
     USS Elrod FFG-55
     USS Enterprise CVN-65
     USS Essex LHD-2
     USS Farragut DDG-99
     USS Ford FFG-54
     USS Fort McHenry LSD-43
     USS Frank Cable AS-40
     USS Gary FFG-51
     USS Germantown LSD-42
     USS Gettysburg CG-64
     USS Gladiator MCM-11
     USS Gonzalez DDG-66
     USS Grapple ARS-53
     USS Grasp ARS-51
     USS Gridley DDG-101
     USS Guardian MCM-5
     USS Gunston Hall LSD-44
     USS Halsey DDG-97
     USS Halyburton FFG-40
     USS Harry S. Truman CVN-75
     USS Hawes FFG-53
     USS Higgins DDG-76
     USS Howard DDG-83
     USS Hue City CG-66
     USS Ingraham FFG-61
     USS Iwo Jima LHD-7 
     USS James E. Williams DDG-95
     USS John C. Stennis CVN-74
     USS John Hall FFG-32 
     USS John Paul Jones DDG-53
     USS Juneau LPD-10
  •  USNS Kanawa T-AO 196
     USS Kaufmann FFG-59
     USS Kearsarge LHD-3 
     USS Kitty Hawk CV-63
     USS Klakring FFG-42
     USS Laboon DDG-58
     USS Lake Champlain CG-57
     USS Lake Erie CG-70
     USS Leyte Gulf CG-55
     USS Mahan DDG-72
     USS Mason DDG-87
     USS McClusky FFG-41
     USS McFaul DDG-74
     USS McInerney FFG-8
     USS Milius DDG-69
     USS Mobile Bay CG-53
     USS Momsen DDG-92
     USS Monterey CG-61
     USS Mount Whitney LCC-20
     USS Mustin DDG-89
     USS Nashville LPD-13
     USS Nassau LHA-4
     USS Nicolas FFG-47
     USS Nimitz CVN-68
     USS O’Kane DDG-77
     USS Oak Hill LSD-51
     USS Ogden LPD-5
     USS Oscar Austin DDG-79
     USS Osprey MHC-51
     USS Patriot MCM-7
     USNS Patuxent TAO-201
     USS Pearl Harbor LSD-52
     USS Peleliu LHA-5
     USS Philippine Sea CG-58
     USS Pinckney DDG-91
     USS Ponce LPD-15
     USS Port Royal CG-73
     USS Porter DDG-78
     USS Preble DDG-46
     USS Princeton CG-59
     USS Ramage DDG-61
     USS Rentz FFG-46
     USS Reuben James FFG-57
     USS Rodney M. Davis FFG-60
     USS Ronald Reagan CVN-76
     USS Roosevelt DDG-80
     USS Ross DDG-71
     USS Rushmore LSD-47
     USS Russell DDG-59
     USS Saipan LHA-2
     USS Salvor ARS-52
     USS San Jacinto CG-56
     USS Shiloh CG-67
    USS Shreveport LPD-12
  • USS Shrike MHC-62
     USS Simpson FFG-56
     USS Stephen W. Groves FFG-29
     USS Stethem DDG-63
     USS Stout DDG-55
     USS Tarawa LHA-1
     USS Taylor FFG-50
     USS Thach FFG-43 
     USS The Sullivans DDG-68
     USS Theodore Roosevelt CVN-71
     USS Thomas S. Gates CG-51
     USS Tortuga LSD-46
     USS Trenton LPD-14
     USS Underwood FFG-36
     USS Vandegrift FFG-48
     USS Vella Gulf CG-72
     USS Vicksburg CG-69
     USS Warrior MCM-10
     USS Wasp LHD-1
     USS Whidbey Island LSD-41
     USS Winston Churchill DDG-81
     USCGC Boutwell WHEC-719
     USCGC Campbell WMEC-909
     USCGC Chase WHEC-718
     USCGC Eagle WIX-327
     USCGC Harriet Lane WMEC-903
     USCGC Juniper WLB-201
     USCGC Legare WMEC-912
     USCGC Midgett WHEC-726
     USCGC Vigilant WMEC-617
     USCGC Zephyr WPC-8
     USNS Bridge T-AOE 10
     USNS Flint T-AE-32
     USNS Guadalupe TAO-200
     USNS Henry J. Kaiser T-AO 187
     USNS USNS John Lenthall TAO-189
     USNS Joshua Humphries T-AO-188
     USNS Kilauea T-AE-26
     USNS Mercy T-AH-19
     USNS Rainier T-AOE-7
     USNS Safeguard ARS-50
     USNS San Jose TAFS-7
     USNS Spica TAFS-9
    USNS Supply T-AOE-6
    just to name a few.